AGM & Special General Meeting

A special thanks to all members who attended the AGM and Special General Meeting on February 10th. The Special General Meeting voted to adopt the proposed amendments to the constitution with one minor change to the wording of the clause on eligibility requirements. The revised constitution with now be lodged with the South Australian Department of Consumer & Business Affairs. Once the approval process is completed an amended copy of the Constitution will be loaded on the Gawler U3A website, if required.

The AGM elected a new committee. All positions were filled expect for that of Secretary. This position is vital to the ongoing success of Gawler U3A. All members are strongly encouraged to consider volunteering for the position. Fran Mason has kindly offered to provide support to assist the new secretary “settle in”. Although there is currently a significant workload the committee is looking to better share some of the Secretary’s tasks amongst the committee. The objective is to ensure that all committee members share the workload to make the Secretary’s job easier.